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New Member Instructions & on-line store


All New Membership purchases must include New Bond with purchase. Bond is payable over a 3-year period.

Note: The person who is listed as the bond holder must also join as a member.

When purchasing your membership you must choose A,B &C as part of your membership package.

A = New Bond

B = First Person $90.00, Maintenance Fee $245.00, Insurance Fee $55.00 & 3% Convenience Fee

C = Additional Adult or SECOND MEMBER on the membership no matter what age.

(Note: If there is only one person joining on the membership you should not select "C" additional adult)

(All pricing includes a 3% convenience fee before discount)


(A) New Bond (payable over 3-years) ** Required Purchase **
51.50 200.00

Bond $200.00 Less $50.00 New Member Discount = $150.00

New Bond is paid over three years @ $50.00/per year. 

The balance due for years 2 & 3 will populate on your membership page until paid in full.

TTSC Bond Policy

Tinicum Township Swim Club bonds that are paid (face value) must be held for three years from date of purchase in order to be redeemed at full value, minus any past due fees. Bonds turned in for full redemption must be received by May 1st of the current season in order to avoid paying the seasonal Maintenance Fee. Bonds held for less than 2 years will forfeit 2/3 of the value when redeemed. Bonds held between 2 and 3 years will forfeit 1/3 of the bond value when redeemed. Any member that does not pay their bond in full will forfeit all monies paid should they choose not to continue their membership in year 2 & 3.  See Member Page for more details.

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(B) Adult (includes Insurance / Maint Fee) ** Required Purchase **

Price includes insurance and maintenance fee.

(This is a required fee)

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(C) Additional Adult or Second Member

The second member is always $92.70 regardless of their age.

** Required Purchase ** (Exception - Single Person Membership)

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Child (3-20)
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Bond Transfer

When transferring a bond from another swim club this fee is required.

Copy of bond must be scanned to


Mail to PO Box 51 Essington, PA 19029

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Add-on (Over 21)

Add-on is a person who does not reside within your residence

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Add-on (Under 21)

Add-on is a person who does not reside within your residence

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Add- on (65&Over) Sr. Citizen (3-only)

Add-on is a person who does not reside within your residence

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Add-on /or/ Member Child (Under 3 Free if birthday is prior to May 1st)

Add-on is a person who does not reside within your residence

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Don't forget to enter promo code: TTSC2019 at the end to receive your discount!


Bond Transfer Program:

Currently a bonded member of another swim club?  Not happy with your current club? We can Help!

TTSC accepts bond transfers from other swim clubs!  Pay a one time $50.00 transfer fee and we will issue you a T.T.S.C. Pool Bond.

Bond Transfer is subject to T.T.S.C. By-laws and board approval. 

(Copy of current bond required to qualify for transfer)

On-Line Transfer Instructions:

Scan copy of pool bond with "Bond Transfer" listed in the subject line to...

or Mail a copy to:  T.T.S.C.   PO Box 51   Essington, PA 19029 Attn: Membership

Purchase membership from our on-line store - credit card purchase required!

Include "Bond Transfer Fee" in your cart

Complete required information for each member and go to check-out

Enter Promo Code: bondtransfer2019 to receive 15% discount

Click submit for processing