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Head Diving Coach

Tinicum Township Swim Club – Diving Coach 2019 Season Tinicum Township Swim Club is hiring a Summer Head Diving Coach.

Our pool is located in Essington, PA, just south of Philadelphia Int’l Airport. Tinicum Township Diving Team is part of the Delco Swimming & Diving League. We are a developmental summer dive team, with a strong emphasis on teaching young new divers the skills to safely dive in competition and foster a love of diving. We have a committed board of directors to support our head dive coach and the dive team. We typically have 1-2 senior divers who assist the head coach during the summer season as needed. Our team is typically 10 -15 divers, most of whom dive in the novice and junior/senior categories.

Schedule Our season begins the Tuesday after school dismisses and ends the last weekend in July. We have afternoon practices starting Monday through Friday while Interboro School District are in session, with two one-hour practices (novice-juniors and seniors). After the school year ends, our practices will be either in the mornings or early evening Monday through Thursday. We have 5 competitive A meets during the season on Tuesday evenings. Meets start on Tuesday, June 18th – Tuesday, July 16th . Visit for 2019 schedule

Responsibilities • Diver recruitment and assisting with outreach strategies to draw new divers and retain current divers • Attend and provide leadership at all practices and meets • Teaching and development of diving skills for younger and older divers • Motivate divers and create a fun, enjoyable atmosphere that builds confidence • Maintain a safe environment for divers • Observe and follow the rules and regulations of Delco Diving League • Supervise and coordinate the completion of meet registration forms for each diver prior to scheduled meets • Liaison with swim team coaches and dive team representatives regarding participation and social activities • Assist Dive Team Representatives with overall management of dive related events including registration day, diving meets, and other dive team related activities • Assist Dive Team Representatives with communicating to parents and families about dive team events, meets and practices through email and social media • Assist with maintaining the dive team information on the club website

Requirements • High school graduate • 3-5 Years experience in professional or competitive diving • Excellent communication skills • Energetic and fun teaching style • Successful completion of a criminal background check • Provide professional and personal references as requested

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $800.00 - $900.00/per season

Experience: • Diving: 3 years (Preferred) Education: • High school or equivalent

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Front Gate Positions

All positions are filled for the 2019 Season


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Snack Bar Positions

TTSC currently has Snack Bar positions available for the 2019 season.


Position: Snack Bar Attendant  


Position Title:      Snack Bar Assistant                                                                                                            

Reports To:          Operations Committee                                                                       


Employment Dates:   Temporary;  Dates - Memorial Day - Labor Day                                     

Purpose of Position:

Under the direction of the Operations Committee, the Snack Bar Employee is a non-exempt, seasonal position responsible for serving food and drinks at the Club’s Snack Bar.  Ensures the highest quality of service as meets expectations of Club members.   Performs all work in accordance with essential functions and responsibilities as described below and in the spirit of the Club’s mission and vision.


Duties shall include but not be limited to:

  • Performs simple food preparation and serves food and drinks at the Club’s Snack Bar. Facilitates a friendly, hospitable environment on the turn. Ensures quality of product and service with intent to provide the highest level of member and guest satisfaction, anticipating their wants and needs.

  • Learns and remembers members’ names and preferences.

  • Stays familiar with, and accurately describes menu items and their preparation. Ensures accuracy of orders and that they meet TTSC quality standards.

  • Performs Snack Bar opening and closing procedures.

  • Processes sales through the Point of Sale system. Completes transactions and closing paperwork accurately and timely.

  • Addresses members’ concerns immediately and to their satisfaction. Communicates any problems and potential issues to management.

  • Organizes snack bar inventory and helps maintain par levels.

  • Ensures sanitation standards are met in the Snack Bar area. Observes food serve safe practices and all general Club safety protocols.

  • Assists with special events as designated by the Operations Committee

  • Attends and conducts TTSC related meetings as required.

  • Performs other duties as designated

 Position Requirements


  • Welcoming and energized personality

  • Computer skills - Point of Sale System

  • Organizational skill


  • High School or College Student with working experience

  • Prior food service experience, preferred

Work Environment and Physical Demands:

  • Most work tasks are performed indoors. Temperature generally very warm during the summer months.

  • Must be able to exert well-paced ability to maneuver between functions occurring simultaneously.

  • Requires grasping, writing, standing, sitting, walking, repetitive motions, lifting, bending, reaching, communicating effectively, and visual acuity.

  • Requires communicating effectively with members, guests, and supervisors.

  • Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs. on a regular and continuing basis.

  • Must be able to push and pull carts and equipment weighing up to 50 lbs. occasionally.

  • Requires manual dexterity to use and operate all necessary equipment.

Projected Work Schedule:

The Snack Bar Attendant position is a part-time and depends on business levels.  Weekend and early evening hours required.  Any request or anticipated absence from the agreed schedule requires prior approval from the Snack Bar Supervisor.

EOE Statement We are an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.  

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Lifeguard Positions


TTSC currently has lifeguard positions available for the 2019 season.  All applicants must be Red Cross Certified AED/CPR and at least 15-years of age by June 1, 2019.  Interested candidates should complete the below application .  Those applicants who meet our qualifications will be contacted by our Operations Committee.

TTSC Lifeguard Course

Course offered is for 1st time applicants and those who are seeking their re-certification. 

2019 Lifeguard Course: Sat, June 15th - Sat June 22nd (subject to change) - Course Cost $225.00 for full course / $100.00 for re-certification class times will be posted in early June

If interested please complete the below form and we will provide the course details and confirm pricing. 

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Lifeguard Responsibilities

Most lifeguard responsibilities are common sense and you’ll already know a lot of them intuitively.  Listed below are some characteristics you’ll need to develop and maintain in order to meet the demands of being a lifeguard.  Any job where your primary focus is to protect and save lives will naturally come with many responsibilities.

Must be Knowledgeable

  • Have the required (3) certifications and skills.

  • Be familiar with safety risks and rules for the water environment.

    • At a pool, these can included enforcing rules about diving in shallow part of the pool or no running on wet, slippery surfaces.

    • At a beach, these could include an awareness of rip tides, knowing the changes in tide level, recognizing unsafe areas (maybe sharp rock or coral formations), and being alert for dangerous animals like jellyfish or even sharks.

  • Maintain your certifications.

    • The lifeguarding certification is active for 2 years.

    • The CPR/AED and first aid trainings are only valid for 1 year.

Must be Healthy

  • Maintain a certain level of fitness because the nature of the job requires strength and endurance.

  • Eat well and stay hydrated to be alert (and not pass out on duty…).

  • Take care of yourself in general – get enough sleep, use sunscreen, etc. If you’re not feeling your best, you won’t be able to perform at your highest potential in an emergency.

Must be Professional

  • Stay attentive during duty, always scanning the area. Patron surveillance is the greatest of lifeguard responsibilities.

  • Keep conversations with others short so that they don’t interrupt the observation of your area.

  • Keep rescue supplies and equipment handy in case of emergency.

  • Wear appropriate clothing for work (maybe a uniform) and be neatly groomed.

  • Only eat or use your cell phone during breaks.

Must be Reliable

  • Get to work on time.

  • Follow the rules at all times and enforce them consistently among patrons.

  • Act appropriately under pressure.

Must be Mature and Polite

  • Always be courteous when interacting with patrons and never argue with them.

  • Remember that being a lifeguard is a leadership position and little kids will be looking up to you.

Lifeguard Duties

Lifeguard Duties: Primary Duty

The primary responsibility of a lifeguard is to protect lives by using his or her skills to prevent injury among patrons.  This duty doesn’t only include rescuing drowning victims or administering CPR and first aid.  Being alert and proactive also helps to prevent dangerous situations from ever occurring in the first place.

A lifeguard spends a major portion of his or her shift performing “patron surveillance” or keeping a watchful eye over the crowd.  Other responsibilities should not interfere when a lifeguard is doing this primary duty.

Lifeguard Duties: Other Major Duties

  • Enforcing the rules fairly and consistently is a close second major duty and could even be considered to be a part of patron surveillance. Help the patrons to keep themselves safe by monitoring and putting an end to dangerous behaviors. These can include running on slippery surfaces or roughhousing around the pool area.

  • Paperwork can also be an important duty for lifeguards at times. Completing and submitting reports about incidents is essential to prevent lawsuits about negligence or improper care. For example, there are laws that require an on-guard lifeguard to act in an emergency situation and if the lifeguard fails to act, this is considered negligence. But a patron also has the right to refuse care and a situation where this occurs must be documented to keep all parties involved legally protected.

  • Depending on where you work, you might be required to complete some maintenance and cleaning tasks as part of your lifeguard duties. These can include monitoring chemical levels in the pool, picking up trash and organizing equipment, or inspecting the facility for unsafe conditions.

  • If your place of employment has the programs, you might also be obligated to attend an orientation session when you are hired as well as in-service training programs periodically to refresh skills and knowledge.

  • Lifeguards are also considered to be customer service representatives in some cases. Members will often ask you questions while you are on stand. A lifeguard must learn to balance short interactions with guests while at the same time performing his or her primary duty of patron surveillance. Sometimes people just like to make small talk and don’t realize how much concentration is required in lifeguarding. It’s the job of the lifeguard to remain both polite and helpful while staying alert.

Lifeguard Equipment

Having an understanding of typical lifeguard equipment before you begin your training or start your first job will give you an advantage.  There are a number of pieces that make the job both easier and safer for yourself and help you to save lives.  Some of the basic tools include:

Rescue Flotation Devices – These rescue aids make saving a drowning person easier and safer for both you and the victim.  There are a number of different floats to use and can include a lifebuoy which looks like a circular red ring, a rescue buoy which are made out of plastic and have handles on the sides (also called rescue cans), or a rescue tube.   People that work in waterfront or ocean surf environment may also have access to an inflatable rescue boat to use on rescue missions.

First Aid Kit – During the typical certification course, you will become familiar with the simple first aid tools and how to use them.  Beyond the basic bandages, disinfectants, and antiseptic ointments for minor injuries, a pool or beachside safety kit might include any or all of the following: an automated external defibrillator (AED), a resuscitator, a spinal immobilization board, a cervical collar, and/or oxygen equipment.

Whistle – Guards use whistles to get attention of swimmers in order to put an end to unsafe behaviors or to signal that the pool must be cleared for an emergency like an approaching storm with lightning or a drowning victim. They can also be used to communicate closing time or to get the attention of fellow lifeguards.

Two-Way Radio – Sometimes guards have a two-way radio or other communicate device to talk with other staff.

Megaphone – At some water areas, megaphones are used to make announcements to swimmers.

Chairs and Umbrellas – To conserve energy and minimize sun exposure, a typical station has a chair sometimes shaded by an umbrella.


If you are looking for a great summer job - lifeguarding is fun filled and rewarding.