(A) New Bond (payable over 3-years) ** Required Purchase **

(A) New Bond (payable over 3-years) ** Required Purchase **


Bond $200.00 Less $50.00 New Member Discount = $150.00

New Bond is paid over three years @ $50.00/per year. 

The balance due for years 2 & 3 will populate on your membership page until paid in full.

TTSC Bond Policy

Tinicum Township Swim Club bonds that are paid (face value) must be held for three years from date of purchase in order to be redeemed at full value, minus any past due fees. Bonds turned in for full redemption must be received by May 1st of the current season in order to avoid paying the seasonal Maintenance Fee. Bonds held for less than 2 years will forfeit 2/3 of the value when redeemed. Bonds held between 2 and 3 years will forfeit 1/3 of the bond value when redeemed. Any member that does not pay their bond in full will forfeit all monies paid should they choose not to continue their membership in year 2 & 3.  See Member Page for more details. ** Subject to TTSC Bylaws **

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Bond payment split over 3-years for a total price of $150.00